Our Book Club will start up again in January. For this next year, Susie has selected a series called "A Quilting Cozy" by Carol Dean Jones. You will supply your own books for the series, but Susie can pick them up from EE Schenck for 20% off the list price if you would prefer. Let her know so she can get your name on the pickup list. Our first book will be Tie Died, and we will meet and make our first block on January 17. In addition to reading the book ahead of time, you should also have some fabric selections in mind (from your stash or from the Duck). This series is very light-hearted and does include some fun mystery. The main character is an older woman who has just moved into a retirement community. Gee, what kind of trouble could she get into in a retirement community???! Contact Susie to let her know if you will be reading/playing with us this year. Hint - start collecting some tie fabrics!