What’s New!

 Welcome  to Ms. Paisley’s newest shop items.  We may also have some teasers of what is coming out in the future.


What is new
What is new

Valencia Fabrics

Christmas Fabrics

Valencia Fabrics

Some of the fabrics in the old Crazy Quilt Room.

Fishie, one part of a full panel.
Part of the Sea collection.

Our line of purples!
One of our Blocks of the Month in progress.

Block 6 – Americana BoM

Giraffe and Zebra Blocks for Zootropolis

We have Three Yard Quilt kits ready and hanging in the Hall of Savings!   Some have 3 yards of fabric, there are also 2 yards with a panel.  They are 40% off!   


“I meant to be good at the fabric store, I really did. But then I got out of the car and went in.”