Rubber duckies can be purchased for $1.00 or you can get one with any purchase from our store for free!


We give a duck with each purchase.  If you would like one without making a purchase they are $1.00. Adopt one today!

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About the Author

Paisley Duck Quilting & Design was a divine inspiration for quilters of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Ms. Paisley is a modern working duck who simply loves fabric. Before she decided to quack out on her own to open her quilt shop, she would often give in to her addiction and love of fabric by stopping at a fabric shop and hugging a bolt of cloth, taking in its heavenly aroma and texture. After countless escorts out of countless shops, Paisley decided to come out of the closet, embrace her fabric addiction, and open her own shop where she could hug a bolt any darned time she pleased. And so was born “Paisley Duck Quilting & Design!” Even if you don’t have enough money to support your nasty stash habit, Ms. Paisley invites you in any ol’ time to just love on a bolt. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. By Carol Schoenfelder on

    Susie, love you and love this wonderful place. I am so glad that you were able to bring your Devine inspiration to this wonderful shop and compassionate place. Thankyou for all you do for us

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