Classes and Paisley U


Paisley University Orientation will be Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 6 p.m.
We will be doing things a little different this year, so if you are interested in
learning quilting from the ground up, please attend!


What is Paisley U?

Paisley U is an opportunity to learn the basics of quilting in a classroom setting, much like you would at a university. Instead of earning credits, you will earn “feathers” towards a “duck-ploma.” Whether you are a new quilter or you just want to brush up on a few tricks and techniques, Paisley U is for…well, U!

When are the classes?

Paisley U will be based on a trimester system beginning around the first week of October (orientation is the Wednesday after Labor Day). A trimester will be approximately three months long, with the usual built-in holiday breaks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. Class assignments will be determined by the end of September, and you will be notified by email which day (or night) you are assigned. We typically offer two classes per month, for a total of seventeen classes, from October – June. And just like university, you will occasionally have homework! We normally end the school year in June, with an official graduation ceremony in August.

Who is eligible to take classes?

While this program is aimed at new quilters, anyone can jump into any class at any time to brush up on a particular method or technique. You must complete all 17 classes and your class project, however, to earn your “duck-ploma.”

What is the cost per class?

Your classes will be $10, and you will be required to purchase at least seven ½ yard cuts of fabric for your project, plus our reference book. Purchases for class will be 20% off of our regular prices. We do not recommend purchasing any new equipment until after our first class. Repeating a class is $5.

Will I be graded?

Grading will be on a pass/fail basis only. Each time you pass a course, you will receive a “feather” or credit towards your duck-ploma.

What will a typical class be like?

Most classes will be a combination of theory (lecture…sort of) and “practical” exercises. You may even have a “homework” assignment or two! Each class will address a special topic that will enhance and build your quilting skills and confidence. At the completion of 17 classes, you will have a completed quilt top.

What if I don’t want to do the entire University but just want to take a “refresher” course?

We will be offering a lot of great classes that include everything from proper cutting, stitching and pressing to advanced techniques like English paper piecing, needle-turn appliqué, and free-style quilting. Just let us know you will be attending as there are handouts and samples we need to put together for each class. Classes are $10.

What if I miss a class?

Students will be assigned a class date. However, we recognize that life happens, so if you know you will be missing a class, you can attend on another regular date to avoid having to do a makeup. There are two other sessions that you can attend for every class, plus one additional class offered about two weeks after the original class. We just ask that you let Duck Commander if you are attending one of the other classes so she can make sure there are enough handouts, etc. available for you. Any special make-ups will be $15.

How do I register?

Call the Paisley Duck at (360) 703-3279 to register. Classes will be $10 plus your sewing supplies. You will also have the opportunity to purchase different tools along the way, at 20% off. Registration cutoff date is the fourth week of September due to the high number of participants.